ARTIST STATEMENT --- As a child I learned everything I was supposed to know about fitting in. Later in life I discovered its way more fun if you don’t. With my work I want to create a place where life isn't lived within the rules of patriarchy. I want to make things tingle, to grab you by the throat, even if it’s just for one second. This I will achieve by making works that comes out of the wanderings of my soul and from exploring the depths of insanity. Within my artwork I have found my own 'unique world’ within the daily spectacle. As an artist I want my photos to be pleasing, sometimes shocking or both at the same time. To be looked at from head to toe, not just by mind or heart. Art should be an experience instead of just being aesthetically pleasing.


‘WAT ALS’ is a project about being lost and finding yourself again in a different world. Wondering if there will be an apocalypse if the wind will stop blowing or if you’re experiencing a psychosis. Searching for the limits in mental health and in imagination. Finding out if there is safety if your mind starts to create a brand new world on their own.