"This project consists of nine polaroid images that I took during a hospital stay, when I was  recovering from surgery. When I was taking the photos, I saw the process of creating this  series as a form of meditation, a way to make myself feel like I had some control over a  situation that was completely out of my hands. The series was supposed to be a lot shorter,  same as my hospital stay, but as more complications appeared, I ended up staying longer  and taking more photos, nine of which I have selected for this series. Originally, the photos  were supposed to depict both significant, and mundane events, and in this way document  my entire stay at the hospital from beginning to end. However, as time went on, it got to the  point where I could no longer remember either their order, or significance. I stayed in the  hospital for a little over a month, and by the end of it, I had lost all sense of time. Even when  I went back home and tried to organize the series, it all seemed to blend in together. There  was no telling if the photo of my mother sitting by the window, keeping me company, was  from my first night there, or my twentieth. In the end, I selected and organized the photos  based on feeling, rather than organizing them by date. This way, even if they are out of  order, it’s accurate to how I remember these events."

ARTIST STATEMENT --- My name is Haris Malekos, I am a photographer/visual artist studying and working in the Netherlands. The mediums I work in are photography, video, 3D modelling, and collage. While my video and photographic work tends to be more documentary in nature, my digital work and my collages are more experimental, and aesthetically closer to POP art.