ARTIST STATEMENT --- These concepts are an elaboration of my subconscious. Photoshop gives me the freedom to express my own surrealistic style in the post-processing of the photos. With all the work I create under my brand 13+31, the theme 'balance' is always central. All images tell a story with duality as an element. 13+31 symbolizes balance and equality within yourself and your surroundings. It is the art to perceive everything with a positive view, but to embrace the negative as well.


The Dreams and Nightmares series was created by images that flashed into my head. No brainstorming sessions were held and no mood boards were made. Just ideas that got stuck in my head until I turned them into reality. Dreams and Nightmares is a split of perspectives: being stuck at the bottom and rising to the top against the odds.

In the times in which we live, it is very difficult as a photographer to distinguish yourself. There is a flood of information you see online and offline every day that are all very similar. This makes it nearly impossible for some to stand out and be successful in their profession. With this series I want to show that anything you can imagine, you can make a reality. You can realize every dream, idea and thought, good or bad, dreams or nightmares. The message of this series is that the impossible is possible.