ARTIST STATEMENT --- When we are young we tend to be very sensitive towards our surroundings. As a child it feels natural to engage with other things then humans: animals, plants, objects. In fact, the materials that build our world influence the way we navigate our environment. Our relation to those materials is what interest me: How do they change the way we feel, what can they teach us about our emotions? By exploring various subjects through playing with materials, I want to investigate a world which is often overlooked in our human centered thinking. By using photography I want to open up a space were feeling for the non-human becomes possible in a way that we reflect on our own behavior. To me photography is elasticity. By using a more sculptural approach towards the medium I want to explore the tension between flat surface and three-dimensional space. In doing so I want to challenge the way we perceive ourselves and how we engage with our surrounding.


you can’t touch this world – it is intangible. you can grasp it’s meaning, sometimes you can feel it in your body but you can’t close your hands around it. In humanity, there is often the need to express power through physical and visible appearance – and we keep finding ways to materialize abstract thoughts or feelings in order to grasp them. This work is driven by the never ending impulse in us to sustain a reality which is intangible. Using a playful approach the process of image creation follows a seemingly unreachable attempt to embody the non-physical. While physical reality is something we can form and influence, we can become vulnerable compared to more abstract and inviolable structures. Thus the resulting photographic images reveal a world in which reality is determined within itself and speculation about alternative substantialities becomes possible.