ARTIST STATEMENT --- The free flow of information has accelerated human culture to unimaginable heights. At first it was slashing clay until it formed into comprehensible thoughts. Then it moved to pressing those thoughts in ink on paper on an industrial level. And now we’ve scanned those images into JPG’s and shared it with our friends. Every cultural artefact is digitally accessible; nothing has gone to waste. Every word uttered, every thought produced or exhumed, every picture taken or every sculpture carved out of rock, exists in a vast sea of everything. And when we engulf ourselves in this ocean, we breathe in a temporal space; where every age is experienced all at once. Suddenly we live neo-classicism, later we’re back in the future. Then we are contemplating fascism, preparing a revolution and later settle down comfortably in front of our tv. In this temporal space I take my rocks and carve out my sculptures. This digital debris I mix and match together to form a true product of the world, moul


In ‘Inflatable doll’ I dive back into the personal body horror of growing up. It’s a story about throwing yourself in a pile of users and abusers, and dissociating yourself from your own body in such extreme ways it becomes severed from yourself. In these moments of divine horror and extreme ecstasy my body grew into multiple monstrous forms I couldn’t recognize as my own anymore. Using the 3D scans of classical statues, I morph and match these figures and shapes into warped representations of budding sexuality and masculinity, and turn my coming-of-age into mythical beings.