ARTIST STATEMENT --- I believe that everyone and everything has a story but not always a voice. My goal as a creator is to shine light on the stories that inspire me so these stories can inspire others. Right now, photography is the medium through which I try to achieve this goal.


According to the psychologist Abraham Maslow, we humans have 5 basic needs that we must satisfy in order to continue to develop, a development that leads to self-actualization. According to his theory, the social bonds we build as humans are there to satisfy these needs. This project falls under Love/belonging on Maslow's pyramid and my expo. Here I highlighted my friends, having a "circle of safety" is important for every person. It is important to know that you belong somewhere and that you are seen and heard. I have a very close group of friends who inspire me daily in different ways. When making this project, I walk with each friend for a moment to highlight an aspect of their lives. There are also group moments such as getting together at one of the friends' homes to discuss "life", playing ball or the barber chair we all share.