ARTIST STATEMENT --- During the first few years of my photography career, I have developed myself into a fashion photographer. More recently, I discovered that I love to mix different media like collage and painting with photography. I draw inspiration for my projects from my own life and experiences. They translate into various topics that I like to express in images where color and composition are always very important.


2020 has been a challenging year. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people had to stay home and self-isolate which left a lot of people Alone. For many, life before the pandemic could get a little hectic from time to time. I was among the people that had difficulties adjusting to the new ‘slowed down’ lifestyle. It was the first time in my life that I spent so much time alone with my own thoughts. During the months that I stayed inside I experienced different emotions when being alone.
These emotions went from feeling locked up to even experiencing freedom in my own mind. In some moments I was at my lowest I have ever been, while in others I was seeing the opportunities in terms of enhancing my self-development that this ’new normal’ provided me with. It inspired me to make a series about all the different emotions you can face when being alone. On the one hand, because this series helps me process the past year. On the other hand, and more importantly, because in strange times like these empathizing with others can be very important. Only then do we realize that there are others who have experienced the same emotions. Therefore, we were not alone...