ARTIST STATEMENT --- My work focuses around questions of the inner: how do we experience the self, the world and everything in between it. Are we all felling and seeing the same, or are we divided by perception? What is reality and is there a common? Mainly I express these questions through the medium of photography. Also I like to experiment with transition and layers of images. I like to distort, cover up and destroy my images to see what is left of it. Sometimes a distorted image can be better for me to catch a mood or experience.


The series, ‘Is it me or is it you?' (2021) shows photographic images and animations that all focus on the topic of synesthesia, memory and forgetting. Throughout time, memories tend to change and alter. They become distorted versions of what once was real. Can they be visually recreated? The artist found a personal way of navigating through the confusion of memories with the help of her synesthesia. She connects colours to certain kinds of memories, emotions or people. Through the intuitive knowledge of which memory needs to be connected to which colour, she tries to relive past events. The distortion captures the decay of the memory through time. The artwork can be seen as a contemplation about closeness, companionship and joy.