ARTIST STATEMENT --- My name is Aaryan Sinha. With my photographic practice, I tend to work on complex societal issues such as the acts of injustice and violence revolving around the marginalized sections of society both in home country of India and around the world. Photography as a medium along with archival work and text gives me the opportunity to shed more light on topics that i feel often go under the radar in the western society while also allowing me to explore topics such as my own identity and vulnerabilities. What I currently aim to achieve in my work is to give the viewer the ability to wander around the images and to make their own assumptions about the work, with the text being an anchor, bringing the viewer back to the story I am trying to portray.   


This story is about a person. A person who disappeared. A person with many faces misplaced in society, forgotten by the authorities. A lost jewel, who’s identity fades away into mystery with the passing of time. The home that was once this persons destroyed, the memories stolen captured only in photographs. The cries for help going unheard, the friends and family left in grief. An investigation gone wrong, a distant light growing fainter. The air of mystery flowing away in loneliness.